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Van Haagen DBS - SlowStop botsabsorberende bollardHow Softstop® became SlowStop® -history 

The revolutionary Softstop® system was designed and developed by Belgian Gerard Wolters in 2010.
Softstop® was a patented energy-absorbing steel dynamic impact protection system. It consists of a base on which the protective bollard or protective brackets are mounted.
As the Softstop® steel bollard was known as such in Europe, it was launched in North America by Impact Recovery Systems (IRS) a few years later as well, albeit under the different product name SlowStop®.
“Softstop” was already a registered trademark in the United States, so IRS changed the name of the product for their market.
At the end of 2015, the worldwide Softstop® product and intellectual property were acquired by IRS,leading to a worldwide name change from Softstop® to SlowStop®. As warehousing and stock are staying at its current location in Belgium, and as Geert Wolters stays at your disposal as European agent, continuity is assured.
With worldwide patents and patents pending, the SlowStop® Bollard is now available worldwide exclusively from Impact Recovery Systems and its distributors. The SlowStop® Bollard has been extensively tested by testing firm TÜV Rheinland TNO and is proven through a large installation base.
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